Choosing an inspector:

Any home inspector you're likely to select in North Carolina has already been scrutinized and licensed by the state.   The best inspectors will have mastered much more than the technical aspects of home inspection.  See below for the five required skills to look for when choosing a home inspector.


1. Technical knowledge: Optimally, you'd want an inspector with an engineering degree who has designed and built - that is, swung the hammer - houses and with current up-to-date experience and knowledge.  I am a mechanical engineer (Georgia Tech) with ICC/IRC/ASHI/NC certification and over a decade of experience inspecting residential and commercial sites throughout the Southeast US.


2.  Observation skills: Observation skills come from experience and refined methodology.  I have performed thousands of inspections and taught hundreds of hours of classes to inspectors and agents that provide me input for improving my methods and how my attention is directed.


3. Judgement:  Judgement is a key skill also garnered though experience.  Frankly, some perceived issues are not really issues and if they are, once identified, can be easily resolved. 


4. Interpersonal skills:  A home buyer and agent entrust an inspector to mitigate their risks.  I make it a point to earn confidence and define expectations.

5. Writing skills:  The report is the final product that needs to be explicit and concise at the same time I review and edit reports with my technical writing background.

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